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by LizzieS
22 Apr 2021 08:32
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Topic: PlayScore 2 for Choirs - iOS & Android
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Re: PlayScore 2 for Choirs - iOS & Android

The PlayScore 2 app for choirs can play back any printed music, straight from a photo or PDF score - with full part separation. - Snap or download your score into PlayScore 2 for instant playback. - Hear the music as PlayScore 2 follows measure by measure. - Tap anywhere, adjust tempo, create loops...
by LizzieS
21 Apr 2021 15:58
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Topic: Q&A: MuseScore head of development on Reddit
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Re: Q&A: MuseScore head of development on Reddit

BarryJ wrote: 19 Mar 2021 15:26 Today the Reddit thread is marked as
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I think, if you have some question to Anatoliy Osokin, you can try to found him on Facebook or twitter
In any case it can be interesting to read this thread
by LizzieS
18 Apr 2021 20:33
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Topic: International choir and orchestra festivals 2022
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Re: Costa Barcelona Music Festival 2022 in Spain International choir and orchestra festival in Calella on the Costa Barcelona (Spain) 04.05. - 08.05.2022 COSTA BARCELONA – a true holiday paradise Some attractions of this Catalonian region are its long, fine-san...