User page not auto-linking

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User page not auto-linking

Post by maiamcc »

Hey all! Long-time listener, first-time caller, as it were.

I just uploaded my first edition to CPDL! However, my name as "editor" doesn't auto-link to my user page ( and in fact offers a prompt to "create page" for user: Maia McCormick.

The edition doesn't seem to be showing up on the page when I'm not logged in, which, hmm, but here's what I'm seeing:
Screen Shot 2019-12-22 at 2.46.03 PM.png
And here's my edit to the page:

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*{{PostedDate|2019-12-22}} {{CPDLno|56386}} [[Media:As_Vesta_Was_MRM.pdf|{{pdf}}]] [[Media:As_Vesta_Was.mid|{{mid}}]] [[Media:As_Vesta_Was.sib|Sibelius]]
{{Editor|Maia McCormick|2019-12-22}}{{ScoreInfo|Letter|9|124}}{{Copy|CPDL}}
:'''Edition notes:''' Four flats (down a whole step) to make tessitura of soprano and tenor parts more comfortable.
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Re: User page not auto-linking

Post by Claude_T »

Hi, Maia,
Thank you for your contributions to CPDL.
It takes some time:
1. to link an edition to its user page, only when it's the first edition. An admin has to create the editor page properly with the correct complete name;
2. to see changes when not connected (logged in). So, be sure to be always connected.
All seems correct now.