Respond to Requests for Scores

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Respond to Requests for Scores

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How do I volunteer to respond to a request for a score?


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Re: Respond to Requests for Scores

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Thanks for being interested in taking on a Request! To respond to a request for a score:

1. If you haven't already done so, find its Requested page within the list at:

You will be editing this page.

2. Depending on whether you are responding to make it Pending (indicating that you are working on it) or Completed (indicating that you have uploaded the work), you would change the status on the Requested page for the request you are fullfilling to match the status code for one of the Pending or Completed pages, and add the information about the volunteer and, if applicable, location of the score, e.g.:

a) example of a Completed request: ... el_Encina)

b) example of a Pending request: ... Chesnokov)

You can select Edit to see the code within the Pending or Completed request page, cut-and-paste from it into the Requested page you are editing to get the link formatting correct, and then cancel out of the Edit for the Pending or Completed page.

Hopefully this helps. If you encounter any problems, please save the edits you tried to add within the Requested page, so that all the info needed is within there. Then post here with the link for the Requested page and a description of the problem you ran into, so someone can take a look.