Work added to Composer Page disappeared

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Gervais O Frykman
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Work added to Composer Page disappeared

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I added PDF, MXL and Sibelius files of Deus, Misereatur Nostri to the composer page of Robert White, where the work is shown in black as not yet on CPDL. The files have disappeared from the page, though I have checked, and they are still on CPDL. What do I have to do to get them onto the page? My files are named White Deus Misereatur Nostri. The black entry on the page is Deus Misereatur Nostri (also attr. "Mr Mundie")
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Re: Work added to Composer Page disappeared

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Music files aren't supposed to be linked from composer page, but from the corresponding work page.
If the work page already exists, click on 'Add new edition' in the upper right part of the work page.
If not, click on 'Add new work', on the composer page.
In both cases, fill the AddWork form (uploading your files in the same time),
then scroll down to 'Add work's data'.
Your files will appear linked from the (new) work page.