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Multiple parts

Posted: 19 Mar 2021 14:09
by Viola
I want to contribute a work that is too large to add all at once. How do I submit it in four (or more) parts but keep it recognisable as all one unit?
Specifically, it is a book of Holy Week music, and I have split it into Palm Sunday and each day of the Triduum.

Re: Multiple parts

Posted: 25 Mar 2021 07:31
by Claude_T
We have generally one work (composition) by work page (including all work's 'movements' and/or editions).
For a publication, we have publication pages (see 'Category:Music publications' in the search bar).
So, please, create one work page per work, not a work page for a publication chapter.
For each work page, name the publication in the {{Pub| template (first publication title and date required, see 'Template:Pub').
Each work title will appear on the publication page (if created).