Unable to submit new editions, to upload files, etc.: registration process to be completed

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Unable to submit new editions, to upload files, etc.: registration process to be completed

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This is a recurring subject that is worth to highlight here on the forums.

Some years ago CPDL was literally overwhelmed by spammers, who created hundreds of fake registrations and published thousands of fake pages. CPDL administrators were forced to activate an additional user validation system that is a little bit garbled: it handles a registration request first, which includes a first email validation; then, once a registration request is validated (also under the supervision of an administrator), the normal registration process begins, which requires a further email validation. So, it is normal to receive two validation emails, and one has to click the link of both emails in order to complete the full registration process and obtain the so-called "emailconfirmed status", allowing to upload files, to edit pages, etc.

Sometimes users perform the the first email validation, while they do not perform the second validation, so they do not reach the "emailconfirmed" status. In this case the registration process is incomplete, and the user cannot upload files, edit pages, etc. The user can login, however his/her rights to add or modify contents of the CPDL wiki are very limited.

To check the current registration status one can login and click on the label "preferences" (top-right side of each page). Under the tab "User profile" there is a section named "Email options" (the last section displayed from top). If the user is not an "emailconfirmed" user yet, a label will be present, which can be clicked to obtain that the second validation email is sent again. By clicking on the link included in the validation email the registration process can be eventually completed.

Please note: validation emails are sometimes classified as spam by email providers, so please check reception in your spambox, too.