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Making contents of an opus searchable

Posted: 23 Jul 2021 21:13
by Jaquick
I've just finished a collection of 12 Latin motets for solo voice with organ. They are of various natures, but about half are Mass propers. It's "an opus", with numbered selections, and I'd like to keep the file complete. Yet I'd also like the contents to be searchable under the various titles. What's the best way to do that here?

What I had thought of would be to upload the file under the collection name (Raccolta di Corona), then to create separate pages for, say "Sebastiane decus perenne caeli" and then link the whole file to that page. That gives me 1 more entry than number of pieces I've composed, but I can live with that. OR, maybe better, have the complete file on a Raccolta di Corona page, then on the same page, links to extracted files for each movement, by analogy to Mass settings with separate files for Kyrie, Gloria etc.

(If this were RDA rather than Wiki, the MARC 240 would be |t Raccolta di corona. |p Sebastiane decus perenne caeli.)

Do we have a rule or customary procedure for such things here?

Re: Making contents of an opus searchable

Posted: 24 Jul 2021 07:07
by Claude_T
Our architecture is one 'work' page per musical composition, that is one work page for a two-parts madrigal, one work page for a five-'movements' mass, etc.
On a five-movements work page, please create one edition (CPDL number) per movement.
On each work page, use the 'Pub' field (see Template:Pub page) identically to link to a unique Publication page (Raccolta etc.) so all the works published in the Raccolta will be linked from/to the same publication page.

Re: Making contents of an opus searchable

Posted: 24 Jul 2021 18:25
by Jaquick
I think I understand.
Looking at some analogous works (Byrd's Gradualia) makes it a little clearer.
I create 12 separate works/CPDL numbers, each of which contains the same Pub data (except for page and selection numbers)
Then I create a Publication page that the pub data points to.

While "Gradualia" is the Work in the bibliographic sense, the architecture of cpdl is that the individual motet is the work, in the same way that iTunes regards "a song"/1 track as the basic unit, and compiles "album" from that (and doesn't compile "symphony" at all!)

Is it possible to also offer a complete file from the publication page, or not? Or, could I have each separate work use the same (complete) pdf? (seems like that could be confusing)

Re: Making contents of an opus searchable

Posted: 26 Jul 2021 05:48
by Claude_T
Yes, you understood. And no, only the piece itself on each 'work' page. Regarding a complete PDF on the publication page, it has be done in the past, but better put a link to the whole work reachable through an external link, if possible.