Delete accidental category?

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Delete accidental category?

Post by spartlan »

In adding my setting of "The Lamb" I accidentally created the category "Susan D. Partlan editions" but don't see how to delete it. When I click "edit" I don't see categories listed. Can someone explain how to delete and unwanted category? Thanks.

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Re: Delete accidental category?

Post by carlos »

Hi Susan, works pages are categorized based on the names that appear inside the Editor and Composer templates, e.g. {{Editor|Susan Partlan|2014-10-27}}

When you inserted a middle initial to your name, it made that page to be categorized under "Susan D. Partlan editions", but the category itself had not been created yet (i.e., it had no text inside of it), that's why the link to it appeared in red instead of blue. Just by correcting the name inside the template is enough to cause that "phantom" category to vanish.