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Use of this forum

Posted: 12 Jun 2009 22:04
by CHGiffen
From time to time, there appear posts which are of a promotional nature (ie. advertisements) for websites or services of a commercial nature. This forum is for those ads, and these ads must be germaine to Choral Music. Promotional posts in other forums and promotional posts in this forum which are off-topic will simply be deleted without comment or warning.

Thank you in advance for conforming to these restrictions.

Chuck Giffen
Additional note by Vaarky: Such a promotional posting does not imply endorsement by CPDL.

Re: Use of this forum

Posted: 14 Oct 2009 14:04
by CHGiffen
I have changed the description of this forum to make clear that it is for announcements promoting COMMERCIAL choral music related websites and services. Announcements of a non-commercial nature are probably more appropriate in another forum, such as Musical activities. With this in mind, I have moved the topics Early Music Scholar's Competition in San Francisco and Atrium Musicologicum to Musical activities.