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Making Fine Music

Posted: 07 Jul 2011 10:09
As every sphere gets tech savvy, music industry is also becoming technology oriented. The process of music making has reached a different level with the introduction of mastering services. Mastering is the final stage in music making. Nothing can make the soundtrack professional, clear and loud, like the mastering process. Once the song is composed and mixed, it is sent for the mixing process. Mastering is done to the mixed tracks to make it sound as clear as possible. The sound is tweaked and made soulful. When mastering is done, it adds a great deal of dynamics, balance, space and clarity. When the music undergoes recording and mixing, it does not render what the mastering can offer. The recording engineers are more focused on individual tracks rather than the album on the whole. When an album comprising multiple tracks is mastered, the whole mix is taken care of. Mastering engineer listens to the track with a pair of fresh ears and renders to the track what the recording engineers could have possibly overlooked. It is the tweaking that makes the soundtrack professionally ready. A mastered track is competent and makes for a good competition. How much mastering is required is based on the mix. If the mix is good enough, mastering can make it sound better. It can also make a poor mix sound professional, loud and clear. Being technically sound can be a saving grace for a poorly composed music. music recording mastering is now available online as well. Online services of a mastering engineer are at par with that of the attended mastering session. This is because the mastering is done using the same equipments and in the same circumstances.