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An Application That Displays Digital Sheet Music with Full-Size Musical Symbols

Posted: 23 Apr 2016 21:15
by Vladimir Shelkov
BrightStaves™ Viewer for iPad is an application that displays digital sheet music in the BrightStaves™ format.

Through the magic of BrightStaves™ technology standard PDF files are optimized for display on the iPad. Headers and wide margins are removed, and the number of measures per system is changed to make optimal use of the screen width. The size of musical characters thus remains close to what it is in the paper original.

Allows for the use of ordinary PDF files alongside files in the proprietary BrightStaves™ format.

For other features for choral conductors and performers see "The Innovative Features of BrightStaves™ Viewer"

BrightStaves™ Viewer for iPad is now available on the AppStore for $9.99

We are looking for bloggers and musicians interested in reviewing the app and give us some feedback. Please private message for contact.