Source for text underlay "Tourdion"?

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Source for text underlay "Tourdion"?

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Dear all,

does anyone know from where the text "Quand je bois du vin clairet" stems that is underlaid in the CPDL editions under the instrumental "Tourdion"? The music book "ars musica" (from which the editions on CPDL are presumably ripped off) gives a source for the music and only says the "french text has been underlaid" with no further information. The music was printed in two versions by Attaignant in 1529 and 1530 (one for lute and one "en musique a quatre"), where the piece is the third part of a "basse danse" named "La Magdalena" by "P.[ierre] B.[londeau]" (only the lute print gives this author).

I wonder whether the text underlay has been made by "ars musica" (Möseler 1965) or whether it can be traced back to other sources.

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Re: Source for text underlay "Tourdion"?

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I'm not sure, but my understanding is that the lyrics go back a long way.

Here's a link to a different edition (3-part) that also uses the text: ... and-je.pdf

On a side note, one can even PAY $1.29 to get CPDL's edition from (see ) They have removed the "File may be freely copied and distributed /" from the bottom of the page and inserted "" between the alto and tenor parts in the second system, as well as slapping their logo on the upper left corner.
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Re: Source for text underlay "Tourdion"?

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Are you angry, Chuck? :D
Worth the link:
Tourdion is the dance (no text).
'Quand je bois du vin clairet' is a text underlaid under a typical music for Tourdion.
No doubt that if you dance tourdion or drink claret wine, in both cases your head keep turning equally.
And if you do both at the same time... :wink: