Software Freedom Day

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Software Freedom Day

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This year is the 20th anniversary of Software Freedom Day. It's an annual event and it will be held on September 16th, 2023 throughout the world. We've been trying to find ways to get more people involved this year and one thing we've discussed is having a music competition to create music to help get the word out about Software Freedom Day. I hear the SFD group has been contacting sponsors to supply prizes for the competition. If anyone would be interested in joining the contest, you can subscribe to the SFD Discussion mailing list ( ) or join the SFD matrix channel ( ) to get more details. I think it would be great to have a virtual SFD panel on topics such as Free, Libre, Open Source music software and where to find useful public domain music resources. If anyone else is interested, please join us on the mailing list and let us know you'd be interested in attending. For more details on Software Freedom Day, please see the official web site: Thank you.
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Re: Software Freedom Day

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Thanks for sharing this information. I'll spread the word to some composers I know.