midi will not play on google chrome

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midi will not play on google chrome

Post by burty47 »

I am finding that the Herbert Brewer Evening Canticles midi will only play on Internet Explorer and not on the much better browser Google Chrome. Has anyone else found that?
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Re: midi will not play on google chrome

Post by choralia »

No problem on my computer, where Chrome is configured to use QuickTime as a MIDI player, and it asks for a confirmation before playing the file. After the confirmation is provided, the file is played normally.

Do you experience this problem on that specific MIDI file, on all MIDIs on CPDL, or also on MIDIs outside CPDL?

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Re: midi will not play on google chrome

Post by carlos »

Burty, when Chrome is installed with standard settings, it will not play midi files automatically, but will prompt you to save the file to disc first. If your browser is attempting to play the midi, it's probably because you have an extension installed for that purpose; in that case, the problem may be with the extension.

You can try to open the page chrome://extensions/ in your browser and click on the "update extensions now" button to see if it solves the problem, or install another extension that plays midi files (as the QuickTime extension mentioned by Max)