Request for Copy of Archive

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Request for Copy of Archive

Post by futurology »

Hi! Is there a way I can obtain an entire archive of the Choral Public Domain Library?

Thank you!
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Re: Request for Copy of Archive

Post by choralia »

Almost all scores available on CPDL are copyrighted under various license policies, so this depends on the ultimate purpose: some purposes may be allowed only for a subset of the scores. Could you please specify what's the purpose?

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Re: Request for Copy of Archive

Post by Cdalitz »

As CPDL is a static website, you should be able to copy it with wget. Use the options --mirror, --convert-links and --no-parent, so that the page is viewable offline.

Beware, however, that you are not allowed to make the copy available to third parties (this is one of the drawbacks that non-free editions are hosted on CPDL).