Piece added to incorrect composer

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Piece added to incorrect composer

Post by kjaworski-bb »

Hi there,

After trying to upload a new work to the page for Edward Bairstow (https://www.cpdl.org/wiki/index.php/Edward_Bairstow), I seem to have inadvertently set this up as a score for myself:
https://www.cpdl.org/wiki/index.php/The ... sh_(Karol)
rather than for Bairstow.

I can't find an obvious way to move this score to the Bairstow page, and I'm not sure what went wrong during my original upload. Is there something I'm missing to reassign this file/page to the right composer please?

Moreover (and this is my fault, apologies), I've uploaded a duplicate of this file with an incorrect filename, at:
https://www.cpdl.org/wiki/index.php/Fil ... mittis.pdf
Is there any way to delete this file as a contributor please?
(Note, this hasn't affected the existing file: https://www.cpdl.org/wiki/index.php/Fil ... mittis.pdf)

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Re: Piece added to incorrect composer

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I've done Move of the work page to one with the correct page title.
Also, I've deleted the spurious duplicate file page.
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