External websites - Damaged pages

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External websites - Damaged pages

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A script "Text replacement - External websites:" by CHGiffen caused severe damage on April 8, 2021. See e.g.

Gesangsübungen und Lieder (Friedrich Hegar)
External websites:
  • ==Works in Vol. 3 (1876) at CPDL==
    {|class="wikitable sortable"

Musae Sioniae, achter Theil (Michael Praetorius)
{{#ExtWeb: ==List of Works==}}
I didn't change anything so you can see it too. Besides, I'm not able to determine the whole damage extent atabout 40.000 pages.
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Re: External websites - Damaged pages

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Please see a related discussion at a different topic on the CPDL Bulletin Board.
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